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About me

My name is Jonas Johnsson and i run Isasmedjan.

I don´t remember when my interest for blacksmithing started but it got a serious boost some years ago when i took a week course in basic blacksmithing at Ryfors bruk here in Sweden, the teacher was Gustav Thane, one of Swedens most renowned blacksmiths.

It took a couple of years before i could setup my own small forge, i now use the historical forge at Ebbamåla bruk were during summer you can come and visit and take a guided tour, i’m truly honoured to be able to work in this surroundings, feeling humbled by the thought of all the blacksmiths that have used the forge before me!

Since early 2019 i’ve run Isasmedjan as a fulltime bladesmith/knifemaker focusing mostly on chefknives, but keep a look out, i’ve got plans for the future of expanding more into the kitchen tool world.

I take pride in creating functional peaces of art and i´m constantly seeking inspiration and knowledge about making the best product possible suitable for it´s task but also pleasant for the eye. 

I hope you find my work interesting and if you want to ask me something feel free to contact me trough the contactinfo on this site.

Kind Regards