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Pre-order Honesuki 150mm


Image of Pre-order Honesuki 150mm

This is were you pre-order the 150mm Honesuki mentioned in the newsletter.

The blade will be fulltang and forged with 26c3 as coresteel heattreated to 65-66hrc (waterquenched)
Wroughtiron cladding with kasumifinish (stonepolish)

NOTE! The wood in the attached picture will NOT be available, the options for these knives are Bogoak and Masurbirch!

Measurements will be:
Bladelength 150mm
Height at heel 40-42mm
Thickness of spine will be ~4-4,5mm out of handle with even taper down to the tip.
They will be made sturdy to be able to do the work required of them.

These will be delivered before 15/3 2023, note that this is last deadline, they may be delivered earlier!

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